Marketing development offer for the creation and management of your Yachting&Lifestyle Magazine

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In short, our offer aims to:

  • significantly increase the number of visitors to your website;
  • select a target audience interested in your products or services;;
  • create viral marketing communication in your social networks;
  • develop organic and real SEO in IT / EN dual language search engines;
  • climb the SERP ranking on Google by positioning you in the top positions;
  • retain potential customers and visitors to whom you can offer your products or services;
  • all without any active operations or resources on your part.

and providing quality content to your visitors in two languages: Italian and English

our idea is to create a Magazine, perfectly integrated to your website or digital project, already with thousands of links to pages/articles dealing with Yachting and Lifestyle in two languages: Italian and English. Continuous insertions of new weekly content with news, events, styles, previews, etc. ready to be disclosed on your Facebook page or in the FB thematic groups with a simple click and which will bring visitors who click you, directly to your site, growing your organic SEO (especially real) in a few weeks by positioning you in the top positions of Google.

practical and measurable benefits

  • exponential increase in indexed pages and consequently organic and real SEO ranking for search engines;
  • integration with Google Analytics (UA-your code);
  • integration with Meta Pixel Code (FB-your code);
  • integration with Facebook-Meta codeOG (photo, title and summary published on FB which, when clicked, refer to your website);
  • sharing - Friendly Social - of contents on: Facebook (pages-groups) - WhatsApp - Email;
  • multi-sitemap (title, image, mobile) automatic XML format of all publications with real-time reporting (to crawlers, spiders or robots) of the indexing search engines;
  • automatic meta coding Open Graph Protocol for indexing and Facebook sharing;
  • graphic and layout integration to your website or to your specific needs;
  • project on graphic interface and UX Mobile Web App (smatphone) and implemented in responsive web design HTML5 CSS3, because 87% of your visitors will use a smartphone device to reach you;
  • possibility of 1 / 2x2 advertising spaces - ADV - present in the articles (banner 250x300px) divided by language IT / EN;
  • All layout and graphics settings can be changed to your specific needs as well as the name of the magazine.

editorial staff (status)

  • editorial staff (born in 2019) currently connected to 217 press offices, designers and construction sites;
  • content languages: Italian and English;
  • original content (photos and videos provided directly from official editorial sources);
  • over 1.710 links to page-articles already posted online;
  • over 5.181 photographs already posted online;
  • hundreds of videos;
  • a weekly increase of new articles (IT/EN - 20/30 links/month indexed).

offer updated to august 2022

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